Water Damage Cleanup That You Can Do Yourself in a Damaged House

posted on 06 Mar 2016 00:17 by flooddamage

Even though there are certain hazards when a home is flooded, there are some steps that homeowners can take themselves to clean things up. If the damage is serious, such as standing water, then a professional water damage restoration company should be called in.

However if you have seepage or minor levels of water or moisture, you can handle some things yourself. The first thing you should do is to dress properly. You should wear a mask for breathing, rubber gloves and heavier, long sleeved clothing in case the water has caustic materials in it.

Get rid of any furniture, rugs, overstuffed items such as pillows, and anything else that has soaked up the water, as you will never be able to bring those items back to life as mold will just grow in them.

Go to the rental store and rent several high-speed fans and let them run over the wet area until it is dry. Then when the area is dry, you will have to sanitize the area by washing down everything with a Clorox and water solution. This will kill the bacteria and mold that may not have attached itself yet.

If you see mold growing in patches in areas, it will be best for you to leave it alone and call in a mold remediation company to handle it. Mold does not just "wipe" off the surface, as it grows roots down into the surface of what it is growing on. You may think you have wiped it off, but the roots are still there, and it will regrow.

It doesn't take much to make a water restoration project much more than the homeowner is prepared to handle. If the water was only in a small area, it is possible for the homeowner to take care of it. If, however, the problem is more widespread, such as several rooms or an entire floor, you will be better advised to call in a professional water damage restoration company to do the work.

We all think that we can handle anything, but that is not going always to be the case in a water damage incident. If the damage is confined to a smaller area in a room, or an entrance way only, it might be possible for you to clean things, up but if it is in a larger area with walls, electrical sockets, furniture and a heavy amount of water, you might want to consider having a restoration company take on the job.