Safeguard Your Home From Water Damage

posted on 17 Nov 2015 08:27 by flooddamage

Flooded Basement

Although flooding inside your house is very easy to spot, there are instances wherein water damage is almost impossible to notice. These hard to notice water damage are caused by water or condensation that gradually seeps through floors, walls and any other parts of our house over time. By the time you take notice of it, it would be too late. The damage has been done will require costly repairs. As a matter of fact, water damage restoration would cost thousands of dollars.

Other than severe flooding, it is possible to avoid water damage. If we can avoid them, then we can avoid expensive repair jobs. To be able avoid water damage, it is important to know the effective preventive measures.

One of the simplest way to prevent water damage is to seal and insulate your windows and doors. This should be done because the rain and snow can enter your house through the gaps of your doors and windows. Over time, the continuous entry of rain and snow from the windows and doors would cause water damage to the surrounding areas.

Immediately fix ruptured pipes and plumbing no matter how small or how measly the water dripping from it. Even if the water leaking from the ruptured pipes is barely noticeable, it will still accumulate over time. In the end, this accumulated water would lead to water damage.

Construct gutters and ditches for your house. Water damage would also happen if too much rain water accumulates around your home. Make sure your rain gutters are clean and nothing obstructs the path of rain water. Anything the flow of rain water is obstructed, the water would overflow and might enter the house.

Make certain that there are no leaks coming from the roof. Any leak present must be fixed right away. Determine the cause of the leak and seal it. See to it that every wet roof insulation is replaced. Also check if the roof support is saturated or not.

Humidity and moisture must be regulated at all times. If it is too humid and moisture is too high inside your home, it would promote mold growth. Molds would cause damage to your walls, floors and ceilings. Aside from damage, it can also bring danger to a person’s health.

If your house sustains water damage, don’t try tackle the problem on your own. Seek the aid of a professional water damage restoration service.